Frequently Asked Questions

For the fully body massage, I use either a Sweet Almond Oil or coconut oil with a blend of different essential oils.

Including, Frankinsence, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Clove and Myrr.  

Almond Oil is an excellent moisturiser and can be used to soothe stressed and sore muscles.  It also reduces inflammation.

If you have any allergies, please let me know when booking your treatment, so that I can bring a suitable alternative. 

I have a mobile massage table and refelxology chair and always bring a clean set of sheets, towels and pillow cases for each client, so you can simply relax and enjoy your treatment.  

A contraindication is a situation when massage should not be performed.

Continuing with treatment may be more detrimental than beneficial and in some cases may cause serious medical problems.  If in doubt, please speak with me about your personal situation. 

  • Open wounds ­ Any cuts, lacerations or grazes.
    Muscle Ruptures ­ In the acute stage these may still be bleeding. Massage will increase
    bleeding and tissue damage and prolong recovery. After the initial 48 to 72 hours massage may
    be possible but it will depend on the extent of the injury. You can however do lymphatic drainage.

  • Tendon Ruptures ­ The above also applies to tendon injuries. If a tendon is completely ruptures
    it will need surgical intervention.
    Partial muscle and tendon tears ­ Massage may be suitable after a minimum period of 48
    hours, longer for more serious injuries.

  • Contusions( Bruises) ­ These are impact injuries causing bleeding within the muscle. Massage
    to a contusion too soon after the injury may cause further damage and may lead to Myositis
    Ossificans (bone growth within the muscle).

  • Burns, Chilblains and Broken bones ­ Massaging any of these will hurt and cause damage.

  • Periostitis ­ This is inflammation of the sheath that surrounds the bone. 

  • Rheumatoid arthritis and gout ­ These are inflammatory conditions. The same rules apply
    here as to acute injuries. Massage may cause further inflammation.

  • Bursitis –  ­ Inflammation to a bursa. A bursa is a small sack of fluid that helps tendons pass over
    bones at joints. If there is pain, swelling and redness over the skin then massage should be

  • Myositis ossificans –  ­ A bad contusion or muscle rupture may begin to calcify (grow bone).
    Massage will make the damage worse.

  • Infections of the skin and soft tissue ­ Bacterial infections, viral infections and fungal
    infections can be spread to other areas of the body by the massage.

  • Thrombosis ­ This is a rare but potentially lethal blood clot in a vein. It is common in the calf
    muscle area. A deep, sore pain in the belly of the muscle may be a thrombosis. If this is
    massaged, it may dislodge, travel up the veins and damage the heart.

  • Artificial blood vessels ­ Artificial blood vessels which are implanted through surgery should be

  • Bleeding disorders such as haemophilia ­ Massage may cause damage to tissues and result
    in bleeding.

  • Tumors ­ 

Please speak with me if you are unsure, or check with your Licensed Medical Advisor if massage would be ok for you.

Yes! But please let me know, as there are certain areas that I massage differently and certain reflex points that we do not massage in early pregnancy.

I have completed several courses in Massage, Reflexology and Life Coaching including but not limited to: – 

  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapist Diploma
  • Reflexology Diploma (Irish Reflexology Institute)
  • Yoga Teacher Training – Sivananda Yoga
  • Cancer Awareness – Level 1 (Understanding Oncology Massage)
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
  • Control of cross infection in a post Covid world

Deep Tissue Massage offers both physical and psychological benefits.

  • It helps to relax the muscles and ease muscle pain or stiffness.
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Reduces Stress
  • Boosts Mental Health and Wellbeing

I offer Therapeutic Healing Massage and Deep Tissue / Sports Massage.  I also offer Reflexology, which is a holistic foot treatment focusing on accupressure points on the feet. 

Firstly we will discuss if you have any aches or pains in the body that I should be aware of. Also any health concerns or medications that you are currently taking.

Then I will leave the room and give you time to get changed and get on the massage table.  There is a towel on the bed for you to cover yourself.

I start the massage by setting the intention that you will receive help in any areas needed and that the massage will leave you feeling healthy and vibrant.

Then I start the massage moving in a clockwise motion around the body starting with the Face, left arm, left leg, right leg, right arm, neck and shoulder from the front, then we turn over and I work the back of the legs and then finally (saving the best till last 🙂 ) we massage the back.

Tell Me!  Usually I try to be aware of any subtle movements in a person to know if the massage is too firm, but if you require more or less pressure in a specific area, please let me know.  This is your special treat, and I want you to enjoy it.

Normally I try to be aware of the person I am treating to see how they are feeling.  I might ask how they are, and if they are very chatty, I go with it, but if they close their eyes, I know that they need to go deep and relax, and I honor that time for healing.

Each person is different, and has different needs. We can speak as much or as little as you like. 

My beliefs around COVID are not mainstream.  That being said, I have taken a course in Control of Cross infection as part of an Oncology Massage Course that I am studying.

Many of the recommendations are Good Hygiene Practices, which I believe we should all follow COVID or not.

  • Each clients receives clean towels, sheets and pillow cases.
  • I wash hands between each client and dry them with a clean towel each time.
  • I always keep my nails short
  • The massage room is mopped and surfaces cleaned each day after treatments.